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In addition to our thorough home inspections, we offer ancillary services that can offer you peace of mind in the home buying process.

Standard Home Inspection

What's Included in Every Inspection

  • Roofing
  • Exterior
  • Basement, Structural System
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fireplaces
  • Attic, Insulation &Ventilation
  • Doors, Windows & Interior

We follow the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards on every inspection. For detailed information, visit InterNACHI's SOP page. All inspections are insured.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that is inert, colorless, and odorless. Varying levels of radon are present in every home, and radon exposure is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. If a home has not yet been tested or mitigated for radon, the EPA recommends that you check the indoor radon level of any home you purchase.

Sewer Scoping

Sewer scoping is a video inspection of the sewer line from the house to the city connection, HOA tap, or septic tank. Scoping the sewer line checks for breaks, blockages, roots, and damage in the sewer line, which can result in costly repairs. 

Water Sample Collections

For homes with a cistern or a well, we offer three levels of water sample testing, whether it's for your peace of mind or for a loan requirement. Some loan types (such as FHA, VA, & RD loans) may require water testing, so check with your lender to see if your loan requires water testing.